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If you need to make up an expedition due to missing a scheduled school experience, there are many free opportunities (in person and virtually) out there for you. Here are just a few.

Before you go on your expedition, contact Frank Brutejcek for details on how to document your experience.

Alternative Expedition Form

Three Rivers Park District
Provide many activities for youth to get outside and learn about the environment


Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Offers free in person and virtual opportunities

Possible Alternative Expeditions

Walker Art Center
Free on Thursday Nights

The Smithsonian Virtual
Many different virtual exhibits to explore

British Museum Virtual
Many different virtual exhibits to explore

Hiking Minnesota
Get out and explore Minnesota- some of the best trails in the nation!

Como Park Conservatory
Explore beautiful gardens. Inside and outside

Como Park Zoo
Free and open year round! You may even see a SAGE staff member working.....

San Diego Zoo Virtual
Live Cams of some amazing animals- take the day to study their behaviors

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