Family Handbook
Comprehensive Distance Learning Plan
Attendance policy during Distance Learning

A student who has at least five unexcused absences from school for a full day, or three or more class periods on three days if in high school, is considered an unexcused absence. 

Attendance will be taken during all live classes each school day. Students are required to be in their live classes at the scheduled time for the entire length of the class.

Live Session Camera Policy during Distance Learning
During live class sessions, students are required to have their cameras on and their face visible to the teacher.

SAGE Leadership team has moved to the decision to require students to have cameras on for the following reasons:

  • Student Engagement in the lessons

  • Building Teacher/Student Relationships

  • Student socialization with peers

  • More collaborative project work among students

  • Student attendance during lessons

  • Develop confidence

Hybrid Comprehensive Learning Plan

In-Person Learning Plan

We will continue to update you as plans for reopening are updated. 

Governor Walz's Executive Order 20-82 

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SAGE’s wellness policy.

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