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Orange Flower
Programming and Curriculum Coordinator
Financials & Budget Coordinator
LIEP Program Coordinator
Homelessness Coordinator

Migrant Coordinator
Marketing/Communications Coordinator

School CLimate Coordinator
Community and Family Engagement Coordinator
Transportation Coordinator
Board Ex-offico

SAGE Leadership Team
SAGE Leadership Team are dedicated to growing our program in way that meets the needs of all out students through our focus of reflective, community based learning. SAGE is a Teacher Powered School, meaning we are a school run by its teachers. Student voice and agency influences all Leadership Team decisions

Collective Commitments
- We commit to creating an space of honesty and trust: support, collaboration, respect.
- We commit to fidelity in our school mission: lifelong learning, self reflection, compassion, diversity, and community.
- We commit to creating a safe space for all members of our learning community: innovation, inspiration, empowerment, engagement.


Nick Tapio

Social Studies, Advisor

Media Specialist

Board Member

Cooper Bleyhl

Science, Advisor

Testing Coordinator

Building Coordinator

Cam Reed

Counselor,  SEL/Mental Health, College/Career

Testing Coordinator

Building Coordinator

Natalie Broich

Social Studies, Advisor

School CLimate Coordinator

Amber Newton

Dean of Students, Advisor

Physical Ed., Health

Christine Johnson, Admin. Ast., MARSS Coordinator, Nutrition Program


Emily Hegland

Special Ed. Secretary, Paraprofessional

Community and Family Engagement

Bradley Willis,  


Wellness Program Coordinator

Jeremy Lund

Fine Arts, Advisor

Media Specialist

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