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ACT: If you would like to take the ACT exam:
To register for ACT exam and find testing locations
Conducting a College Search
Tour a College Virtually
Test Practice
The Costs of College
Federal student Aid 
Resources for Filing the FAFSA:

Scholarship Opportunity



Raise.Me is a resource that helps students explore colleges, build a portfolio and get

rewarded for their achievements both in and outside of the classroom.


USDA 1890s Scholars Program:  

·         2022 USDA/1890 National Scholars Program High School Application

·         2022 USDA/1890 National Scholars Program College Application

·         Questions:


USDA 1994s Scholars Program: 


MN Masonic Charities Scholarship

National Scholarship Search Tools

The following is a list of good websites to search for national scholarships. Consider an

alternate email address to manage potential junk mail.

Ultimate Scholarship Guide: What you need to know 
Want career training? Checkout Brooklynk's Get Ready! program. 
Conservation Crew, Summer Job
  • Program Name: Summer Youth Corps

  • Program Location: Residentially based at a camp in St. Croix State Park, Hinckley, MN; yet, crews travel across MN to complete conservation projects in city, county, state, and national parks

  • Dates: 4 week option – June 19 – July 17; 8 week option – June 19 – Aug 14 (with a one week break from July 17-23)

  • Description: Crew members participate in a rigorous program of work, education, and training. With a crew of 2 young adult crew leaders and 5-7 peer crew members, youth will receive 1 week of training and then travel on “spike” projects across MN where they camp and cook meals near their project site. Crews work, live, and play outdoors in this residential summer program!

  • Benefits:

    • Earn $350/week

    • Food, lodging in tents and rustic cabins, and transportation are provided for the duration of the program

    • One week of paid training and one hour of daily education activities, focused on social-emotional skills and environmental education

    • Make new friends while learning about the incredible variety of parks and outdoor recreation we have across MN

Explore Career Options
Career Resources

ASVAB Career Information Program

Bureau of Labor Statistics (K-12)

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Career One Stop



Job trainings available:







Post High School Options


Your options for 4-year colleges are many, including private and public schools. These

types of schools offer bachelor’s degrees, which are usually completed in four years of full-time study. Some 4-year colleges also have graduate schools that offer master’s and doctoral degrees.


These 2-year options can also be private or public schools. The most common types

of 2-year colleges are community colleges. Typically a 2-year college is less expensive

than a 4-year college. Two-year diplomas, certificates and degrees are offered through

these schools. Many students will begin at a 2-year college and then transfer to a 4-year

university to pursue an advanced degree.


Most technical colleges offer certificates, diplomas and associate degrees in many fields.

Your typical length at a technical college will depend on your program choice and if you

choose to be a full-time student. Most students attend technical colleges for two years. The

programs and degrees offered at a technical college are very specific and great options for

those students who want to enter the work force quickly.


The military offers many educational opportunities for students in return for their service

to their country. Once you have decided the military is something you may want to

pursue, you must meet all the requirements at the Military Entrance Processing Station.

Our counselors and the College and Career Center (CCC) can connect you with the

recruitment officers, who can ensure you meet all the necessary requirements before high

school graduation.


Students may choose to go directly into the work force after high school graduation. If

you know you would like to pursue a career that requires no further education, or have

been offered a job within a company that will provide you the training you need, this may

be an option for you. A meeting with your counselor will help you in planning, if this is

the route you wish to take.


When choosing to do a gap year, students should consider what they would be doing to

advance or enrich themselves both personally and professionally. Students can choose

from an array of opportunities, including things like – learning a trade, volunteer work,

travel, internships and sports. Gap year opportunities should assist in improving students’

knowledge, maturity, decision-making, leadership, independence and self-sufficiency.

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