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SAGE is a project-based learning school: that means that students learn by doing meaningful, hands-on work that makes use of their creativity and problem-solving abilities. 

SAGE offers courses to meet all the required MDE credits and standards. Furthermore, we require all students to engage in community service , participate in expedition learning, and complete a Senior Service-Learning Capstone project prior to graduation.

For questions about our program, please contact Cari-Ana Garcia Luna at

For questions about transcripts, please contact Camden Reed at

To request a copy of your transcript, contact Christine at

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Language Arts 12.0 Credits

Science 9.0 Credits

Mathematics 9.0 Credits

Social Studies 10.0 Credits                                  

Life Fitness 4.0                                            

Fine Arts 3.0 Credits                                  

Health 1.0 Credits       

Life Skills 1.0 Credits  

Expeditions 4.0 Credits (9 per year)

Electives 10.0 Credits (includes Community Service and Senior Capstone Project)


Total Required                 63.0     Credits

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Screen Shot 2023-03-02 at 2.50.40 PM.png
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