SAGE Academy Student Inducted into the

“100 High School Students America Needs to Know About™”



Trina Keta, a student at Sage Academy, was inducted into the  100 High School Students America Needs to Know About. ™ She was chosen out of thousands of students.


Trina is an amazing volunteer who is making a huge difference in her community. She goes to homeless shelters on special days like Christmas. She teaches children and spends her free time helping organizations and with the elderly. As soon as Trina finishes an occasion of helping others, she starts to talk again about how excited she is to serve some more.


If you ask Trina what motivates her, she will tell you that it is gratefulness. Trina says that people don't even need gifts for holidays and birthdays; we already have so much. Instead, she says, people should concentrate on being grateful and on giving away things like goodness, kindness, mercy, and grace.



About 100 High School Students America Needs to Know About™


100 High School Students America Needs to Know About™  is a national competition that showcases the next generation of forward-thinking entrepreneurs, student leaders, activists, radio hosts, designers and so much more! Some of these high school students have "beaten the odds" under difficult and extreme circumstances?   These students are making their mark in industries ranging from agriculture to the non-profit world. But most of all they are making a difference in their schools, communities and the lives of their peers. Workforce Career Readiness™ and our Founder & CEO, Dr. Corinthia Price, is thrilled to springboard them to the next level.

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