Summer School 2021

SAGE works closely with OALC to provide students with a summer learning experience. 

Students must set up a meeting with Cam by May 13, 2021 to receive help in deciding on and registering for summer programs. We will help students design a plan to get them on the best track to graduation.


The OALC  program will be available to any student who was in grades 9-12 during the 2020-2021 school year, and is behind in credit/off track for graduation.



 Link to Summer Programming Enrollment Forms. You will need to communicate with SAGE school counselor, Camden Reed, to finish the registration. Only he can complete the final document needed.  To ensure the ability to be enrolled, the deadline will be June 1, 2021 and the form will be turned off at 4:00pm on that day.  Late registration (after 4pm on June 1) is not guaranteed.

2 sessions being offered

 -Session 1- June 16-30, 2021 

                     I.e.       8-10: Algebra 2A

                             10-12: Algebra 2A


                             8-10: Algebra 2A

                             10-12: Chemistry C

-Session 2-  July 6-30, 2021

              -Hours of this program may remain the same or be less, based off the needs of students

                -Students who have not completed work at expected levels will be dropped from the program and not allowed to attend this session.

-Students meeting expected requirements will remain enrolled.

 Courses offered (determined by student needs):

            -English:  9A,B,C; 10A,B,C; 11A,B,C; 12A,B,C

            -Math: Nonlinear A,B,C; Geometry A,B,C; Algebra 2A,B,C

            -Science: Science 9A,B,C; Biology A,B,C; Chemistry A,B,C

            -Social Studies: Human Geo A,B; US History 10A,B,C; World History A,B,C; Economics; Government

-PE: Life Fitness **Only offered if enough students registered


Grading policies:

-Credit is reported in 0.25 credit chunks, clearly aligned to standards.  When a student completes the chunk, it is “in the books” and they continue to move forward

             -If teachers filled out the “standards missing” form, students will only have to complete the missing standards to make up their credit.

-Students have the opportunity to earn multiple credits during the summer programming

-Credit will be entered onto transcripts following the end of each session.


Student expectations:

-Students will be expected to attend class daily in whatever format programming is able to run (in person, distance learning, hybrid has not been determined)

-Students are required to complete work each day.  Regardless of format, they should plan to be working on their credit recovery work for 4 hours per day and obtain necessary assistance from teachers.