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We all do better When we all do better.....


At SAGE, we strongly believe in the ideas of service. Students are encourage participate in different community service opportunities. Seniors are required to complete a Capstone Service-Learning Project, creating their own way to make positive change in the community.

Through service, students learn compassion and a sense of community. Students have volunteer at Feed My Starving Children, People Serving People, animal shelters, habitat for humanity, Breaking Free, among others.  Students have been active  participants at the Noble Peace Prize Forum and WE Day, were they have the opportunity to complete service while learning from service leaders. Students also work with the city of Brooklyn Park's City United program on teen issues like youth smoking prevention, help pass the laws to change the legal age from 18 to 21.

Senior capstone projects have included Police and Community Relations, Youth Suicide Prevention, the Importance of Blood Drives, Homelessness, Youth Health, Sex and Gender Education, and The influence of Music on Teens.

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