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After graduating from SAGE Academy on June 3rd 2013, I immediately started my college courses at MCTC for their Air Traffic Control program. Immediately, as in – my first day of college was June 4th 2013.


Unfortunately, after some catastrophic disasters in aviation (Flight MH370 & MH17) the program was cancelled throughout all of Minnesota in 2015. I am now on a waiting list for the ATC Training at the Federal Aviation Association Academy in Oklahoma City. I figured why wait to pursue my love for aviation? Why not do something with my passion while I wait, and so – I begin my helicopter pilot training in October 2015. I am now a part-time helicopter pilot and full-time Minnesota State Patrol Emergency Dispatcher.

No one can teach you how to become more motivated and passionate about your dreams, but what the staff and faculty of SAGE Academy can do – is to make sure you don’t lose your motivation and ambitions.

 am currently attending The Arts Institutes International Minnesota for an associates degree in Baking and Pastry. I plan on graduating in December of 2017. My favorite part of college is being able to expand my learning through going on an up coming trip to Italy to study pastry and gelato. I also enjoy how this college prepares you to have a job in the field of your choice when graduate.

Since I graduated SAGE, I spent a year traveling around on a faith based program called Generation Peace Academy. On GPA we traveled to different states fundraising for our overseas projects and helping out different communities. I been from Alaska all the way to the Philippines. When I came back home, I was happy to see some good friends graduate with the same teachers that taught and uplifted me when I was a high schooler at SAGE. Doing a year of service had helped me realize how much I really needed SAGE to set the foundation and give me confidence to be who I am now.Gratitude

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