SAGE is a project-based learning school: that means that students learn by doing meaningful, hands-on work that makes use of their creativity and problem-solving abilities. Below are just some of the projects that our students have completed.

Anne Frank Rap
Subject: Reading
For the final analysis of The Diary of Anne Frank, Manny taught the class the entire plotline by writing and performing a rap. This demonstrated the use of Multiple Intelligences and alternative assessments via Project Based Curriculum. Please listen and enjoy Manny’s work!


Reformations Poem
Subject: US History
This is a poem Isa and Jaden created. The assignment was to develop an artistic way to express societal views and social changes in the 1800s.


Brain Balance Therapy
Subject: Advisory Project
As part of an independent research project in her advisory, Katy researched different therapy techniques and created this video demonstrating each.


Cardboard Boats
Subject: Physics
Students built and raced cardboard boats in a test of their science and engineering knowledge!


Equation Solving Projects
Subject: Intermediate Algebra
After learning how to solve 2-step equations, students were challenged to create a tool that would help others learn. They made children’s books, comics, interactive presentations, and games! Shown at the left is Katy, teaching Dom how to play her equations board game.

Sewing Projects
Subject: Sewing
On the first picture is Aniya, who took a sewing assignment and ran with it, by making her own jacket!


“Artificial Sun” Essay
Subject: Honors Reading
An essay on modern technology.


Subject: Honors Reading
A collaborative writing prompt: “Life forms (aliens) have been discovered on another planet and have the ability to communicate with us. In exactly twenty-five words, explain our world to them.”


“Gap Year Facts”
Subject: Service Project
For a service learning project, a student collected information on gap years for our school newsletter.