It has only been 2 weeks of school and already my boys are loving it! Last year was a tough year… I feel like the school didn’t back up family and (they) felt as if they were not heard or listened to by the teachers and staff at the last school they were at… When we came for the ice cream social to see their classes and meet some of the teachers, I saw these two boys talking to some new friends and acting like teenage boys! Something I haven’t seen in a long time! It was amazing! My parents were with me and were also amazed! The boys have said nothing but wonderful things about SAGE! THANK YOU!


…They both say everyone is much nicer and they are making some friends and I couldn’t be happier! I can tell this is a place where they are going to accelerate, really find out who they are and have people to help them achieve their goals along the way! I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year brings! I already feel like they are part of a family! Thank you for giving me peace of mind and knowing my boys are in great hands! Again THANK YOU!!”

– Kate, SAGE Parent

I wanted to take a minute to reach out to you and tell you how much I appreciate you and the rest of the team at SAGE. (My son) is really enjoying school, and jumps out of bed in the morning so he can get there early. I am so proud of him and was really grateful to hear he is doing well in all his classes.”

– Christy, SAGE Parent

I’m starting to see her grades improving, her attitude improving. She’s been having spontaneous conversations with me about friendships, expectations for herself, etc. Overall she is so much calmer, happier and focused than she was when she started SAGE. The smaller environment has made a big difference, I think. I know she can still be goofy/resistant and a little unfocused and shy in school, but I think she would have been miserable and failing school if she had stayed at (her old school). I just thought you should know that I’m glad she is there.”

– Kitty, SAGE Parent.

We are very pleased with (our daughter’s) growth at SAGE and she is very comfortable and happy. A great fit for us.”


– Delilah, SAGE Parent

SAGE Academy has been the best fit for my son for a lot of reasons. Academically the class sizes are small. The hands on projects they work on and complete are wonderful. The monthly field trips are a great break for the students as well as they are learning something while on the trip. The fact that this is a world school and there is no discrimination tolerated is the biggest factor in my decision. I am looking forward to many more years at this school.

Keep up the good work SAGE Academy staff.”

– Julie, SAGE Parent

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