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This will be my first year at SAGE Academy.  I am looking forward to working with parents and students to develop lifelong skills.  My dream is helping young learners to become good global citizens.  I have a broad range of work experience in many fields including child care, second language acquisition, training management, and much more. My education has focused primarily on international relations, global political and economic systems, world languages, cultures and religions, and electronics and telecommunications.


My hobbies include things focused on learning and creating.  I enjoy learning about world cultures and languages, metal and woodworking as well as other kinds of crafting such as jewelry making, and 3D printing.  I also really enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes. When I’m not trying to make something I might relax with some PC gaming, or playing some of my musical instruments.  To get out of the house I enjoy hiking and primitive camping, as well as disc golf.  I live in a bi-lingual, multi-ethnic, and multicultural home and love every minute of it.  I also love animals and currently have an older rescue dog.