March 17, 2020

Dear SAGE Families,

First, thank you all who have been actively participating in learning through SAGE Google Classrooms. This will continue to be the method of instruction and assessment until further notice from the Department of Health and the Department of Education. We appreciate support efforts to make sure students are attending school and completing course work virtually. I also want to thank all the families that have reached out to offer help during this time. The support that our families continue to give makes me feel so honored to be part of this community.

Starting March 18, students are required to check into their Advisory Google Classroom each morning between 7:00 and 9:30. This will count as their attendance each day. If they do not check-in at this time, they will be marked absent unexcused.

During the weeks of March 18-27, no new instruction will be provided. However, staff will be providing support and review materials via Google Classroom. Advisors will also be posting discussion questions and journals about social skills, growth mindset, and current event. Starting March 30, SAGE will move to Distance Learning with the continued use of Google Classroom. Google Classroom can be accessed from anywhere with wifi- computers, iPads, phones, gaming systems, etc. SAGE has Chromebooks with hotspots available for students who do not have WiFi at home. For students that need paper copies of assignments, SAGE will make these available upon request.

Teachers will be available Mondays-Thursdays, 8:00-4:10 to answer any questions and provide help. Special Education case managers, our Counselor/504 coordinator, and our Paras will also be available during these times to provide support services and answer questions.

For students in need of lunch, SAGE will have pick-up meals available Mondays 10:00am-1:00 pm. These hours are also open to those who need to pick a Chromebook or paper copies of class materials. If you are unable to pick up the items, please contact Cari-Ana to arrange another date for pick up or delivery.

As of now, all expeditions for the year have been canceled. We will wait to determine if we can reschedule or find alternate expeditions for when we return to school. However, in the meantime, SAGE will be providing virtual expeditions to students through Google Classroom. We will send out notices as to when these will be.

Our all-school conferences will be held March 30-April 2 and be done over the phone. Your student’s advisor will be reaching out to you at this time. It is important that all families participate in these conferences, especially with the uncertainty that we find ourselves in at this time. If you would like to schedule a preferred time for the phone conference, please contact your student's advisor.

SAGE recognizes that this time can be very hard on students and families. Please reach out to us if you need anything. We will try our best to help. Our school counselor, Camden Reed, will also be available to support students during this time. Administration, advisors and case managers will also be making calls home to make sure all students have the supports they need.

SAGE will continue to post regular updates via our website and Facebook page, as well as emailing notices. Please make sure to be checking for these as we are learning new information every day. I appreciate your understanding and patience during this unprecedented time.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” H. Ford

Take care.


Cari-Ana Garcia Luna

School Hours: Building is currently closed.

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