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A Year of Discovery: Expeditionary Learning

"What is an Expeditionary Learning school? A school where you try to find things out for yourself. The teacher doesn't just tell you."

The expeditionary learning model is all about being inspired and impassioned to learn. Students show a much higher level of comprehension and long-term retention when they do things, rather than just see things - with each new experience, our students learn and grow! Regular expeditions, thematic curriculum, and experiential lesson plans help us to cultivate a school-wide culture where students have a love for learning.


Due to the current covid19 pandemic, SAGE will continue to expeditions but virtually. These virtual expeditions will include tours of famous world museums, animal studies at the zoo, live theater productions and music concerts.

Students go on expeditions every month!




Examples of Expeditions:


  • Penumbra Theater- Social Justice and Diversity

  • Global Roots Festival- experience music from around the world

  • State Capital - Students viewed a working session of government

  • Festival of Nations - Diverse cultures

  • Science Museum of Minnesota - Omni theatre production and special exhibit

  • The Guthrie - Production of A Christmas Carol

  • Base Camp - Team-building and personal challenge

  • Eagle Bluff - Environmental Learning Center

  • Deep Portage - Environmental Learning Center

  • Taylors Falls - A full day of canoeing

  • The Depot - Learning to ice skate

  • History Theatre in St. Paul - experiencing history in action

  • MN Zoo- animal conservation

  • Mississippi Gateway- Ecology

  • Minneapolis Institute of Art- Native cultures

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